Are you in need of interior commercial painting?

Commercial painting for can be a huge step in building the brand and look you are envisioning for your business. Having a professional painting job conveys a polished image to your customers and can create an environment conducive to business. We would be happy to help you with your commercial painting needs.

At Andy’s Painting, we focus on the details to provide your business with the absolute best painting experience. Some of the things we do at every job include:

  • Caulking cracks and filling all nail/screw holes
  • Removing switch plates prior to painting
  • Using high quality paint that is durable and provides good coverage
  • Ensuring that previous paint colors do not bleed through new coats
  • Covering your furniture and floors to ensure nothing is damaged
  • Cleaning up any materials or messes before we leave

Additionally, when working at commercial sites, we take care to minimize the disruption to your business and your customers.

How to Know When It's Time

  • Are minor drywall repairs needed for small holes or water damage
  • Do you want an accent wall color?
  • Are the ceilings dirty or water stained?
  • Are there any stress cracks?
  • Do you want to have the ceilings white, the wall color, or a separate color?
  • Is your trim currently painted? Please note, we can paint currently stained trim, though this is a more intensive process.
  • Do the baseboards need to be repainted?
  • Do the baseboards need to be caulked on the edges?
  • How does your crown molding look?
  • How do your windowsills look?
  • Are your doors currently painted? Please note, we can paint currently stained doors, though this is a more intensive process.
  • Are your doors/door frames starting to chip or show wear?
  • Do you want to change the color of your painted doors?
  • Do you want to paint the inside of your closets? Please note, this will require emptying your closets.

Our Reviews

Trevor Dawson

We used Andy’s to paint our living room. They did an amazing job but there was some small miscommunication that took place. They went above and beyond to make it right. Nobody is perfect, but knowing that a company stands ...


I am beyond five stars, my home looks amazing. Joe and his crew were great, Mike who was filling in cracks did it very detailed not just a glob of filler. The pricing was great and you get your moneys ...

Phyllis Vilchuck

I have used Andy’s Painting to paint the inside and outside of my home as well as painting furniture items. His crew is on-time, courteous and very professional. The work is done to perfection, and his crew is most accommodating. ...
Andys Painting