Are you tired of the look of your cabinets?

Have they started to show wear or discoloration? Don’t want to spend tens of thousands to remodel? Try painting! Painting is a fantastic, easy, and cost-effective way to renew the look of your cabinets by adding a fresh color.

People regularly ask us about the durability of cabinet painting. Cabinet painting is a meticulous process that must be carefully done to ensure the paint correctly adheres to the wood. Our process is as follows:

First, we thoroughly clean the cabinets to remove excess dirt and oil.
Next, we sand the cabinets to provide a fresh surface to which the paint can adhere.
We then apply several primer coats that strongly cling to the wood and fill in any small imperfections.
Finally, we apply two coats of a durable water-based product that provides a strong, beautiful protective finish.
This process has been perfected and refined over many years. We have painted hundreds of cabinets for our customers and have had great success and long-lasting results.




We remove the cabinet doors and drawer faces and bring them to our shop. We paint cabinet boxes in place.



We clean cabinets to remove excess dirt and oil and thoroughly sand it to bring up a fresh surface.



We apply a bonding primer and a multi-purpose primer to help the new paint adhere to the wood.



We then apply two coats of a quality paint finish in the color of your choice.



Finally, we return to reinstall your painted cabinet doors and drawer faces leaving you with a gorgeous, updated space!

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Our Reviews

Trevor Dawson

We used Andy’s to paint our living room. They did an amazing job but there was some small miscommunication that took place. They went above and beyond to make it right. Nobody is perfect, but knowing that a company stands ...


I am beyond five stars, my home looks amazing. Joe and his crew were great, Mike who was filling in cracks did it very detailed not just a glob of filler. The pricing was great and you get your moneys ...

Phyllis Vilchuck

I have used Andy’s Painting to paint the inside and outside of my home as well as painting furniture items. His crew is on-time, courteous and very professional. The work is done to perfection, and his crew is most accommodating. ...
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