Choosing Colors

Choosing paint colors is a highly personal decision. While we do not offer formal color consultations, we can offer online resources for helping you choose a color. See below for a link to Sherwin William’s color picking software.

When trying to select a color, we recommend purchasing a sample of paint and painting it on a poster board. You can then move the poster it throughout the rooms in your home, and during different times of the day. This method will show how the color can vary depending on light and give a better representation of how it looks throughout different areas. We do not recommend painting directly on your walls.

Sherwin-Williams and Dunn Edwards offer color samples for a small fee. They can even match existing paint colors or colors that you use in your home (e.g., in your fabrics or artwork). Please reach out to your local paint store for more information.

Choosing Sheens

Sheen refers to the amount of reflected light coming off a painted wall. Paints can be made using different levels of sheen. When choosing a sheen, there is typically a trade-off between shininess and wash ability. In general, as the amount of shine increases, as does the washability.

Below are some of the most commonly used paint sheen categories and the surfaces they are typically applied to:

  • Flat – Creates no to very low reflectance when dry. Typically used on ceilings and walls in low traffic areas.
  • Satin/Eg Shel – Creates a low to medium reflectance when dry. Typically used on walls.
  • Semi-gloss – Creates a medium to low-high reflectance when dry. Typically used on trim (e.g., baseboards, doors, door frames) or in areas prone to moisture.

Different products and different paint brands use different sheens. When we bid your project, we can let you know what specific sheen options are available to you.

When selecting a sheen, it is often beneficial to go to your local paint store and view their sheen guides in person. This will ensure that the sheen is truly the one you want in your home.

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