When looking for painting contractors in Albuquerque, NM, residents can rely on Andy’s Painting. We offer free estimates on painting jobs in the area, so you know how much your project is likely to cost even before you begin. We know that it is important for you to manage your money wisely and work to make sure you are satisfied with the results. Andy will also do his best to provide any additional answers to any questions that his past, present, and future clients may have, in an effort to ensure excellent service and live up to our great reputation that we have acquired over time.

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and can trust us to deliver quality work. If you have an older building and are planning to do renovations but don’t know where to start, we can come in and assist you with planning the workflow so your project goes as smoothly as possible.

The Best Commercial Painter Albuquerque Has to Offer!

Our clients sometimes come to us with requests for complicated tasks involving a lot of detail work. We can handle large scale jobs, but because we are a commercial and residential repaint contractor, it does not mean that we cannot do small jobs. We also complete a single room with the same care and attention that we give to a larger area. Our team members have painted commercial bathrooms, completed dry wall texture repair and expedited work in occupied offices. When they need a commercial painting company, Albuquerque, NM business owners can rely on us.

Our team members are experienced in changing the color of a wall. We can give you advice if you plan to prepare a building for sale or want it to look more modern. If you plan to use the same shade you had before, we can match all hues perfectly, so your building retains its original color scheme.

Andy’s Painting offers potential clients an opportunity to view samples of our work. Pictures on our website showcase the techniques we have used in the past on painting jobs. We have free videos available to our clients, where Andy answers many of the questions you have about painting. We also have a numerous amount of testimonials from our clients that we have worked for- you will see it and hear it from the source themselves of how much we value our customers, and our craft. Whenever they want help from a commercial painter, Albuquerque business owners who call us with their decorating problems will always get prompt, friendly assistance.

Our Reviews

Trevor Dawson

We used Andy’s to paint our living room. They did an amazing job but there was some small miscommunication that took place. They went above and beyond to make it right. Nobody is perfect, but knowing that a company stands ...


I am beyond five stars, my home looks amazing. Joe and his crew were great, Mike who was filling in cracks did it very detailed not just a glob of filler. The pricing was great and you get your moneys ...

Phyllis Vilchuck

I have used Andy’s Painting to paint the inside and outside of my home as well as painting furniture items. His crew is on-time, courteous and very professional. The work is done to perfection, and his crew is most accommodating. ...
Andys Painting