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Over time, exterior trim can start to show wear from sun and moisture exposure. It’s crucial to stay on top of exterior trim painting as it helps protect the underlying wood. If you’ve noticed your trim has started to peel, now is a great time to consider painting.

Painting your trim can also completely alter the look of your home and it is a great way to add curb-appeal.

When it comes to exterior trim, Andy’s Painting can paint soffit, fascia, siding, window/door trim, and more!

Exterior Trim Process

Power Washing

First, we power wash the surface to remove dirt and loose paint.


To prepare the wood for painting, we will hand scrape any loose paint, sand any bare surfaces, and caulk cracks around windows, doors and as necessary.


We will apply a coat of high quality, durable exterior grade paint.

Cleaning Up

When we are done, we clean up our materials and leave you to enjoy your newly transformed home!

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