A lot of people work in offices and the daily grind of nine-to-five work can be a bore for many. This is mostly because looking at the same white walls of an office can be tedious. Hiring the services of one of the established painting contractors in Albuquerque like Andy’s Painting Inc. can help improve this situation.

The first thing that painters can help with is brightening up an office space. Applying a fresh coat of paint can work wonders in improving a work environment. Choosing the right color is important, though. Melinda Gaines writes about one of the factors affecting color choice in her article for eHow.com:

“Your business may have established colors through its logo and branding materials. You can either decorate with these colors or choose complementary colors. Try painting your building’s walls a coordinating color other than the standard off-white or white. Pick a pale or neutral hue to keep the room from becoming overwhelming.”

Formal Colors

Businesses need to provide the right impression to their customers or clients. You don’t want to give them the idea that you’re not the right person to go to with their needs. Conservative colors like plain white or black are great for conservative fields like law or banking, because such hues exude professionalism and stability. However, a restrained or traditional look will not work for clients looking for creative energy.

Creative Shades

Graphic designers and photographers should have their offices painted in more vibrant, lively colors. A dependable commercial painting company in Albuquerque would be able to give advice on what colors to use and be able to skillfully apply them on the walls. Integrating your brand colors into the paint job would also be their responsibility.

Painting for Productivity

Finally, the right colors can also help boost productivity. The science of color psychology states that the colors we see daily affect our behavior. Painting an office in the appropriate hue can help employees get into a positive state of mind. Here are some examples of colors that influence how people feel or behave: blue is said to stimulate the mind for problem-solving work, yellow encourages creativity, and green creates a balanced atmosphere.

Painting an office or business the right color may not seem important to many, but companies looking to make their clients happy and employees productive should look into doing it.

(Source: Business Decorating Ideas, eHow)