With the local economy experiencing a revival, more and more commercial properties in Albuquerque are being remodeled and renovated. A recent article in the Albuquerque Journal shows that there are many exciting ways to breathe new life into existing commercial structures like the common parking garage:

Innovative Repurposing of Parking Garages

“Built more for convenience than for show, these concrete bunkers dot many urban landscapes. But as young millennials eschew cars for mass transit, and as fuel prices spike and land for new development grows scarce, some commercial real-estate developers have opted to reconfigure existing garages for new uses, primarily housing.

In some cases, existing ramps are being redeveloped, particularly those in desirable urban neighborhoods. The Cuningham Group, a Minneapolis architectural firm, has proposed adding 70 to 75 affordable apartments on the periphery of a monolithic ’80s-era parking ramp in the popular St. Anthony Main area of Minneapolis. They’ve dubbed the project the “Rampton Apartments.””

Cost-effective Property Updates

Other property owners can take a step in a similar direction and repurpose their properties, all the while considering the many ways to update the look and function of buildings without breaking the bank.

The Role of Painting in Property Enhancement

Though full-blown structural renovations can add more value to a property in the long run, the most affordable and fastest way to update the look of a commercial property is to do a fresh paint job. Painting contractors in Albuquerque have been instrumental in touching up building façades, thereby helping bring more business to commercial establishments.

Finding a Trusted Commercial Painter

Property owners in need of a commercial painting company in Albuquerque can trust contractors such as Andy’s Painting, Inc. to revitalize both the exteriors and interiors of their buildings. Not only can an exceptional paint job enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, it can raise real estate value as well.

(Source: Parking garages being repurposed, Albuquerque Journal, February 16, 2014)