Eventually, your child is going to outgrow the look of his or her nursery. When that happens, it’s time to give your child’s room a new look and have an experienced Albuquerque house painter repaint the walls.

Of course, you want your child to have a space he or she would be proud to call his or her own. With that in mind, here are a few vital tips to help you design a room your child will absolutely love:

Get your child’s input…

When children reach around 8 years of age, they start to look for ways to express their individuality. As such, it would be a good idea to ask them to help you choose the color scheme of their soon-to-be-painted room. This helps you settle on a design that both you and your child will enjoy.

To make it easier to decide, you can introduce your child to the color wheel. An article from HowStuffWorks.com explains further:

“Some of the approaches interior designers use to cook up color schemes are easy to do with a color wheel. […] A complementary scheme pairs two colors opposite each other on the color wheel; for example, orange and blue or red-orange and blue-green. A split complementary uses two colors on each side of a color’s complement; for example, orange plus blue-green and blue-violet.

Even easier, use an analogous scheme of three colors that are side by side on the color wheel. Blue-violet, blue, and blue-green make a wonderfully cool, restful setting, while yellow-orange, yellow, and yellow-green are energetic and cheerful.”

… but don’t let it dictate the entire project

However, children around that age can be fickle. What they thoroughly enjoyed as a 9 year old can change once they turn 10.

If you anticipate your child being like that, have the walls painted in a complementary, but neutral-toned, color. Afterward, you can add splashes or strategic hints of the color your child prefers through bed sheets, furniture, decorations, or repainted trims. This way, redesigning the room is a simple process if your child changes his or her mind.

Loop in your contractor.

With years of experience, Albuquerque painting contactors like Andy’s Painting Inc. can provide valuable input to help improve the design or color combinations you already have in mind. At the same time, they can inform you of the costs of your initial design and even offer cost-effective alternatives that achieve the same effect.

(Source: Guide to Decorating Kids’ Rooms, HowStuffWorks.com)